Paweł Krawiec Quartet - Ofensywa
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Paweł Krawiec Quartet - Ofensywa. Out on 8 December 2023 (SJRecords 076)


Paweł Krawiec is a young Polish guitarist who studied music from an early age. Many years of playing the violin developed his musical ear and attention to detail, which significantly influenced his later jazz guitar education. From the very beginning, he was drawn to improvisation, and became interested in jazz at the age of 19, devoting himself to it completely. He is in his final Master’s year at the Katowice Academy of Music jazz department.

His music first gained recognition and wider reach by sharing videos on social media.

Winner of the Grand Prix at the Jazz festival in Lubaczów, finalist at the Jazz Juniors competition and Śmietana Competition. Winner of the Grand Prix at the Jazz Water Meeting in Bydgoszcz. He focuses on creating his own unique style on guitar, which is the result of combining various styles in jazz - from traditional, through modern, to free. The spirit of his early inspirations, the music of the 70s, is also reflected in his playing. With his playing style, the artist brings a breath of fresh air to jazz guitar in Poland.


In 2023, Paweł created his quartet of top young musicians:

  • Paweł Krawiec - electric guitar
  • Mateusz Żydek - trumpet
  • Mateusz Lorenowicz - drums
  • Filip Hornik - double bass

All musicians are winners of various prestigious awards, have recorded albums and play nationally and internationally.

The leader is the composer of all songs. The band started working dynamically from the very beginning and at the end of May they recorded their debut album, consisting of seven numbers, at Monochrom Studio. The basis of the sound of the recorded material is the classic rhythm section, and contemporary swing infuses the style, with added elements of free jazz. The recordings were mixed and mastered by Ignacy Gruszecki. Shortly after recording at the studio, the band also recorded a live session containing four compositions from the album, which will be made public together with the studio album. The compositions and craftsmanship of the musicians were appreciated by trumpeter Piotr Schmidt, whose SJRecords is the publisher of the album. The first single, "Ofensywa" is released on 1 December and the album is out on 8 December.


'Offensive' is undoubtedly an outstanding debut. Krawiec and his team not only demonstrate their craftsmanship but also the freshness and enthusiasm with which they can revitalize the jazz canon. This is an album that will surely attract both jazz purists and those seeking something new in this traditionally rich field of music. It is simply impossible to ignore this album.
- Mateusz Chorążewicz /