Snów Pejzaże weaves dreamy scenes out of sound.

“Dreams bring the loveliest landscapes... sun-drenched reflections of love, joy and bliss; and shades of contemplation and nostalgia.”

- Anna Świderska

Ania Michałowska and Jakub Kotynia’s compositions tell tales of emotion. Ania’s carefully crafted lyrics approach language as a force which creates and destroys. The landscapes, imagined with help from friends Mariusz Migałka, Andrzej Namiota and Agata Różycka, focus on the most significant areas of our lives, leading the listener across a world of dreams, childhood memories and life’s lessons. The album avoids pathos and gives us instead a deep, honest and poised meditation.

Ania’s poignant voice, clear expression and strong interpretation, put together with her love for life, people and places (in particular her home city Lublin), deliver a distinctive voyage painted with jazz, sophisticated pop, soul, and latino. With each listening the album reveals fresh, surprising layers of musical and lyrical subtlety. Each piece focuses the listener afresh with a complex, sensitive musical imagination, giving an impression of multi-dimensional spaces.


lyrics: Andrzej Namiota (1, 2, 3, 7); Agata Różycka ( 5, 9); Mariusz Migałka (6, 8) music: Jakub Kotynia and Ania Michałowska (7, 8) and Michał Iwanek (8) arrangements: Michał Iwanek


Participating artists:

●       Ania Michałowska – voice, music

●       Jakub Kotynia – music, lyrics

●       Agata Różycka, Andrzej Namiota, Mariusz Migałka – lyrics

●       Michał Iwanek – piano & keyboards, arrangements, recording

●       Michał Kapczuk – double bass, bass guitar

●       Sebastian Kuchczyński – drums

●       Kinga Ziółko, Małgorzata Oleszczuk, Katarzyna Maziarczyk , Tomasz Wiśniewski – backing vocals

●       Maksymilian Wosk , Łukasz Cholewiński – violins

●       Przemysław Raczek – viola

●       Małgorzata Pietroń – cello

●       Michał Tomaszczyk – trombone

●       Łukasz Korybalski – trumpet, flugelhorn

●       Przemysław Florczak – tenor saxophone


Recorded at Studio Kamienica (Warszawa), Bracia Studio (Lublin), Studio 7 (Piaseczno)

Lech Pukos, Adam Drath – sound editing

Błażej Domański – sound editing, mixing, mastering

Cover design: Katarzyna Bauer              

Premiere – 14 June 2017


Ania Michałowska – graduate of the Jazz Department at the Academy of Music in Katowice (2014) and Arts Department at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin (2005).

A prolific artist, Ania performs, records, and participates in various projects. In 2013 the internationally renowned jazz musician Włodek Pawlik invited Ania to take part in his now-famous show Wieczorem at Lublin’s Teatr Stary, where she sang Józef Czechowicz’s poetry set to Pawlik’s music. In 2014 she was invited to sing on the jazz bassist Mariusz Bogdanowicz’s Przy Tobie, a collection of Bogdanowicz’s compositions with lyrics by Wojciech Młynarski and Jan Wołek. The album was published in 2016.

Ania sang at the International Meeting of Jazz Singers in Zamość in 2007, All Souls’ Jazz in Lublin from 2007 to 2009, Jazz in the Square in Lublin (20019), 10th Hades Jazz Festival in Lublin (2002), and 9th Świdnik Jazz Festival (2007).

Ania is also a sought-after teacher. Her vocal class at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University’s Arts Department is routinely oversubscribed, and highly regarded by students and  fellow educators alike. Ania also teaches at Lublin’s School of Jazz and Popular Music, and holds regular workshops for adults at the Borough Cultural Centre in Lublin’s borough of Węglin.