The Sound Pack / vocal group feat. Yarosh Organ Trio - Żyj Kolorowo. Premiere 27 January 2023. SJRecords 070


LP premiere: March 31, 2023. 200 copies. Only 100 pieces for sale! Only 40 pieces available in the store!

180g audiophile black vinyl!


"ŻYJ KOLOROWO" is the second album of the unique vocal quartet The Sound Pack, whose leader is Marcin Wawrzynowicz and together with him are Joanna Świniarska - Szebeszczyk, Katarzyna Mirowska and Małgorzata Biniek. The band invited the excellent Yarosh Organ Trio to cooperate. The album contains well-known Polish songs that fit into the canon of native jazz music. The performance of such a repertoire by a vocal ensemble is a kind of novelty, and adding to it the characteristic sound of a trio with Hammond organs, it creates an even more interesting project. The idea for the project was born from the desire to show the beauty, exemplary compositions and texts in a new form and to care for the common cultural heritage. The arrangement layer was taken care of by: Bartosz Pernal, Tomasz Pruchnicki, Andrzej Zielak and Łukasz Rakalski.

THE SOUND PACK / vocal group - jazz vocal quartet referring to the tradition of American street bands of this type and to contemporary groups such as; "The Manhattan Transfer", "The New York Voices", as well as to the legendary Polish quartet "Novi Singers". The Sound Pack's sound characteristics consist of four voices perfectly matched to each other, which, by developing common elements of performance, sound like one instrument. The band was founded in 2016 on the initiative of the group's leader, Marcin Wawrzynowicz, and together with him, it consists of Joanna Świniarska - Szebeszczyk, Katarzyna Mirowska and Małgorzata Biniek.

The leader of the YAROSH ORGAN TRIO is the drummer Przemysław Jarosz. The band with him consists of Tomasz Pruchnicki - saxophone and Kajetan Galas - Hammond organ. The Hammond organ, which is unusual on Polish jazz stages, adds a characteristic color to the sound of this formation. It does not lack direct references to the canon of the world mainstream jazz, which, combined with the leader's original compositions, creates a unique, new quality. YOT has recorded four albums.



  • Joanna Świniarska - Szebeszczyk - singing
  • Katarzyna Mirowska - vocals
  • Małgorzata Biniek - vocals
  • Marcin Wawrzynowicz - vocals


  • Tomasz Pruchnicki - saxophone
  • Kajetan Galas – Hammond organ
  • Przemysław Jarosz - drums


  1. Pod papugami / M.Święcicki / B.Choiński, J.Gałkowski / ar. B.Pernal
  2. Miłość złe humory ma / J.Matuszkiewicz / A.Osiecka / ar. B.Pernal
  3. Miłość jest jak niedziela / W.Karolak / M.Czubaszek / ar. T.Pruchnicki
  4. Czterdziestolatek / J.Matuszkiewicz /J.T.Stanisławski / ar. P.Zielak
  5. Jej portret / W.Nahorny / J.Kofta / ar. B.Pernal
  6. To ostatnia niedziela / J.Petersburski / Z.Friedwald / ar. B.Pernal
  7. Już czas na sen / J.Wasowski / J.Przybora / ar. T.Pruchnicki
  8. Żyj kolorowo / J.Wróblewski / W.Młynarski / ar. B.Pernal
  9. Wojna domowa / J.Matuszkiewicz / L.J.Kern / ar. Ł.Rakalski
  10.  Do grającej szafy grosik wrzuć / G.Oppenheimer / M.Łebkowski / ar. B.Pernal


Total time – 52’51’’