BIOTONE – Unspoken Words
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Biotone’s debut Unspoken Words was published in 2011 and consists entirely of the leader Michał Tomaszczyk’s compositions.



  • Michał Tomaszczyk – trombone,
  • Przemysław Florczak – saxophones,
  • Andrzej Zielak – double bass,
  • Sebastian Kuchczyński – drums


The band’s sound is very distinctive, having no harmonic instrument. The quirky combination of trombone and saxophone leaves the listener with a lasting impression of uniqueness. Biotone are the only band in Poland, and one of very few worldwide, playing in such combination.


Among the group’s achievements are: Junior Jazz 2008 Grand Prix (Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic), Klucz do Kariery (“Key to Career”) in Gorzów Jazz Celebrations 2009, Best Band in the 13th Przegląd Młodych Zespołów Jazzowych i Bluesowych (“Young Blues and Jazz Band Review”), Gdynia 2010.


The appearance of the trombonist Michał Tomaszczyk and his band are to be greeted with real joy. Unspoken Words is definitely one of the best home jazz debuts of recent years.

Jazz Forum, September 2011




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