Ola Trzaska - All Around
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5,99 € MP3 Album [download]

The singer and flautist Ola Trzaska’s debut album All Around presents vintage in fresh and original colours.


Ola’s compositions have highly attractive strong melody lines, reminiscent of the best of Motown, infused with funk and groove, folk and jazz ballads. The arrangements, including the vividly blended winds, are thoroughly modern. The wide harmonic and sonic spectrum gives the album a mesmerising multidimensionality.


The project is bold and sophisticated and difficult to pigeon-hole. Perfectly performed and expertly recorded, it impresses from start to finish.



Ola Trzaska – voice / flute

Łukasz Korybalski – trumpet / flugelhorn

Michał Tomaszczyk – trombone

Marcin Piękos – keyboards

Andrzej Święs – bass guitar / double bass

Sebastian Kuchczyński – drums


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