The Sound Pack - On Air! (SJRecords045) - album premiere on October 25th, 2019.​


The Sound Pack - an exceptional vocal quartet accompanied by great instrumentalists is where the genre classic meets unusual emotions of new interpretations for popular jazz standards!

The Sound Pack – jazz vocal group (Joanna Świniarska, Katarzyna Mirowska, Małgorzata Biniek, Marcin Wawrzynowicz).


Vocal musicians connected in 2016 by M. Wawrzynowicz’s idea for creating a jazz vocal group. Quartet goes back to the american tradition of street vocal groups of the swing era, as well as contemporary, popular bands, as ‘The Manhattan Transfer’ or ‘The New York Voices’. Through the three years The Sound Pack have given plenty of performances, both at smaller, cosy clubs as well as music festivals. The band had the pleasure to work with many renowned musicians. The Sound Pack performed, among others, at ‘Green Town of Jazz’, ‘RCK PRO Jazz Festival’, ‘Jazz! Open Mind’, Podkarpacka Jesień Jazzowa’ and ‘Świętokrzyska Wiosna Jazzowa’. There is no other band like this in Poland!


"On Air" by The Sound Pack is the band’s first album. There are 10 jazz standards performed by a total of eleven people and arranged for the most part by two exceptional characters. One of them is Aleksander Mazur (jazzman, instrumentalist and an arranger renowned in Europe and USA), who contributed with vocal group specific interpretations of jazz standards. The other is a young trombone player and arranger Łukasz Rakalski, who found a great way to connect vocal parts originally written by Aleksander Mazur with modern, fresh approach to rhythm, harmony and orchestration.



- Joanna Świniarska – vocal

- Katarzyna Mirowska – vocal

- Małgorzata Biniek – vocal

- Marcin Wawrzynowicz – vocal


- Dominik Mietła – trumpet, flugelhorn

- Marcin Kaletka – tenor saxophone

- Łukasz Rakalski – trombone

- Gabriel Niedziela – guitar

- Bogusław Kaczmar – piano

- Michał Kapczuk – double bas

- Przemysław Jarosz – drums

1.     Just Friends (J.Klenner / S.Lewis) arr. A.Mazur / Ł.Rakalski

2.     Lullaby In Rhythm (B.Goodman / B.Strainhorn / J.Hendicks) arr. A.Mazur / Ł.Rakalski

3.     Take the „A” Train (D.Ellington / B.Strainhorn / J.Hendicks) arr. A.Mazur / Ł.Rakalski / M.Wawrzynowicz

4.     Triste (A.C.Jobim) arr.  Ł.Rakalski

5.     Basin Street Blues (S.Williams) arr. B.Kaczmar

6.     Perdido (J.Tizol / E.Drake / H.Lengsfelder) arr.  Ł.Rakalski

7.     All The Things You Are (J.Kern / O.Hammerstein) arr. A.Mazur

8.     Billie’s Bounce (Ch.Parker / J.Hendricks) arr.  Ł.Rakalski

9.     Moonlight Serenade (G.Miller / M.Parish) arr. A.Mazur / Ł.Rakalski

10.   Wojna domowa (J.Matuszkiewicz / L.J.Kern) arr. Ł.Rakalski


Total Time - 50’44’’