Tomasz Bura - Ritual
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Tomasz Bura – pianist and composer, known in Poland mainly as the piano and keyboards player in Schmidt Electric. Since 2011 Tomasz lives in London, where he is an active and popular performer and educator.

Tomasz has performed as session musician for Universal, Ministry of Sound, and other major labels. He could be heard on MTV UK, BBC, Channel 4, BBC Radio 1, Jazz FM. He has played France, UK, Russia, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, and Ukraine.


He has collaborated with such musicians as Yolanda Charles, Pete Ray Biggin, members of Incognito and Jamiroquai, Ernesto Simpson, Carl Orr, George Duke, Alex Hutchings, Wretch 32, Joel Compass, Algebra Blesset. In July 2015 he recorded his debut, Ritual.


Ritual is live improvisation, recorded spontaneously in between sessions for Schmidt Electric’s Tear the Roof Off.

The pianist gives hereby testament to his unique sensitivity, excellent rhythm and mastery over harmony; all well known to his live listeners. The Steinway D piano sounds exquisite, an excellent companion of the young pianist in creating virtuoso improvisations, clearly saturated with classical artistry. The pianist has a remarkably mature and elaborate technique and his inspirations go far beyond jazz, towards masters such as Frederic Chopin or Alexandr Scriabin.

The jazz core of Ritual doesn’t rob Tomasz Bura’s music of an expressionist beauty more closely associated with classical music. We will notice this in the subtle raptures of K.M., six of the most beautiful minutes of the album, or the final, moving, Coda.

Tomasz Bura took on a challenge in making his debut a solo piano recital, and rose to it masterfully. Ritual, thanks to the young pianist’s ability to build tension, keeps the listener spell-bound till the very final notes.

Robert Ratajczak