Wierba & Schmidt Quintet - The Mole People
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Wierba & Schmidt Quintet was, according to Jazz Forum’s Jazz Top polls (2008-2012), one of Poland’s four best mainstream bands.

Over the six years of its existence it gained solid reputation, winning all major jazz competitions in Poland, as well as the prestigious Getxo Jazz Festival in Spain, where the band also received the Audience Award, and Piotr Schmidt became the Best Soloist.


The Mole People is the Quintet’s fourth album, recorded in collaboration with the star tenor saxophonist Piotr Baron.



  • Piotr Schmidt – trumpet,
  • Piotr Baron – saxophones, bass clarinet,
  • Michał Wierba – piano, keyboards,
  • Michał Kapczuk – double bass, bass guitar,
  • Sebastian Kuchczyński – drums.


The album was recorded on 12 & 13 September 2011 at Recpublica Studios in Lubrza.

Recorded by Łukasz Olejarczyk and Maciej Cybilski. Mixed i mastered by Robert Szydło.

The Mole People premiered on 14 January 2012.